Services to Financial Advisors

CWP is being offered to you as a third-party money manager and back office. We take the day-to-day operations out of your schedule so you can focus on what matters most – servicing your clients!

We are conversion specialists, helping Advisors convert their practice from commission to fee. Below are the different ways that we can help you!


  • Client Onboarding

    - CWP agreements with e-signature
    - Account opening paperwork with e-signature
    - Transfer paperwork
    - Asset transfer follow-up
    - Automatic contributions and withdrawals
    - Beneficiary setup
    - Signing parties for full conversion
    - Individual appointments
  • Business Management

    - Coaching financial advisors and assistants
    - Best practice for fee-based work
    - Assist in developing new processes and procedures
    - Marketing to clients
  • Portfolio Management

    - Risk based modeling
    - Account level trading
    - Quarterly rebalancing
    - Risk-on, Risk off trading
    - Drift report
  • Database Management

    - Orion: reporting system
    - Redtail: CRM
    - Account monitoring
  • Reporting

    - Monthly statements
    - Performance reporting
    - Online client account access
    - Year-end tax reporting